Jan 14: How To Remain Free. Gal 5:1.  I am free through the blood of Jesus Christ. Do not believe the false promises of Satan. Sin can cause you to lose your money, family, job, health, and life. You are free; do not be entangled again with the yoke of bondage. Jesus gave His life to set us free. Don’t return to the yoke of bondage. To remain free: walk in the Spirit, listen and respond to the guidance of the Spirit, separate yourself from old friends, separate yourself from the things of the world, stay in the word of God. Stand fast in the liberty wherein Christ has made us free.

Jan 7 2018:
What The Facts Don't Reveal, Mark 5:25-26. Do not give up. The facts may say one thing but God can say something else. If you have faith in God, you can do all things. Jesus can do and heal anything.  No money, negative diagnosis, getting worse; those facts do not reveal your future. We need the faith to push through to Jesus. Do not count yourself out. Have faith in God.

Dec 31:
Mr. M. Frazier. Perseverance. With God all is possible. Even with difficulties and challenges you can succeed. To accomplish your goals: start early, get help, take the actions needed. Persevere through failure. Never give up on your dreams.  

Dec 24
: Rev. O. Watts. God With Us, Isa 9:6.  

Dec 17: The Ark of Noah and Jesus  

Dec 10:
The Birth of Jesus

Dec 3: Did You See Jesus? Show the Love of God. Matthew 25:31-40. We need to introduce the down and out to the Lord. We can bear our burdens much better with Jesus. The world says look out for number one. God says esteem others better than yourself. Those who show God’s love are blessed. See Jesus when you see the hungry, stranger, naked, sick, and imprisoned. When you help the least, you do it to Jesus. Let them know that no weapon formed against the servants of God will prosper. Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, and mind and love your neighbor as yourself.

Nov 26, 2017: Rev. O. Watts. John  3:16. The Love of God. Thank God for what He has done for you. Through Him we live, move and have our being. God loves us despite ourselves. God loves us and we should love each other. Do what you can for someone else each day you live. No matter what you have, your situation, where you are, no matter what, God loves you. God will not give up on you; do not give up on Him. God loves us so much he gave Jesus to die for us. No matter what, there is hope in God.

Nov 19, 2017: Mark 12:1-2. How Recently Has the Lord Checked Your Fruit? God created us and He has a right to expect fruit from us. God sent His son Jesus and they mistreated and killed Him. Jesus took time while dying to welcome one of the two thieves hanged with Him into His kingdom.  God is constantly checking on us, we need to be producing fruit. Matt 23:37. Don’t reject Jesus. Ask God to forgive your sins.

Nov 5, 2017
: 2 Kings $:1-4. Shut The Door. God has all power in His hands and has invested in us the power of prayer. We should pray without ceasing, not just when there is trouble. When you pray, shut the door. Go into your secret closet where you will not be disturbed. Shut the door and let God know what you need. Shut the door and call on God. Talk to God one on one.

Oct 29
: Heb 12:1-2. Get Rid of the Trash. When you accept Jesus as Savior you begin running a race. When you run for Jesus it is a race for eternal life; when you run for devil, the reward is hell.  Trash weighs you down and keeps you from running the race. Get rid of the trash of doing wrong, disobeying parents, not paying attention in school, thoughts and improper words, lies. You have people that are already in heaven cheering you on, telling you to get rid of the trash so you can go to the place God has prepared for you.

Oct 22: John 6:9-11. From Our Hands to Jesus’ Hands. God’s hands are strong. Put your problems in Jesus’ hands. Give Jesus something to work with – your faith. Obey what Jesus instructs you to do. You do not have to fear not having enough if you pay your tithes. Put it in Jesus hands and you will end with more than you began.  Give your problems, tithes, headaches, additions, worries, sicknesses and inability to Jesus. Take it out of your hands; you cannot do it yourself. Take it from your hands and put all your burdens in Jesus’ hands

Oct 15: 2 Kings 2:1-2. Minister E. Frazier. Turn Your Face to The Wall and Pray. No matter what comes your way, no matter what situation you face, turn your face to the wall and pray. God hears and answers prayer.

Oct 8: Romans 8:16-18. Hold onto Jesus No Matter What.  We suffer for many reasons. Tribulation is one of the best tests of Christian maturity. Suffering reveals our faith, develops our faith, works together for our good (Rom 8:28), and is allowed by God. God has a purpose in allowing suffering; He wants to perfect us. He wants to purify us.  Jesus suffered for us, but He held on so that we could have eternal life. If we hold on, no matter what, we shall come forth as pure gold. Our present sufferings cannot compare to the glory we shall have in heaven.
Oct 1: Rev O. Watts. Press On Until the Change Comes. To survive a world in turmoil, press on until the change comes. A nation filled with jealousy and hate will fall from within. To change requires a personal relationship with Jesus. Pray, meditate and praise God to keep sane in an un-sane world. Focus on heavenly things and leave worldly things in the past. Guard your thoughts, Philippians 4:8. The prize of this race is eternal life. Press on until the change comes.  

Sep 24, 2017: Lev 6:12-13. Fire represents God, it represents the Holy Spirit. Keep the fire of praise burning. Bring the fire with you. As with David, be glad to go into the house of the Lord. Praise Him every day; every day is a day of thanksgiving. If people see the fire of God in you, it will draw them to God. Keep the fire burning through praise, prayer, meditating on the Word of God, and watching what you say. Give thanks to God for all He has done for you.

Sep 17, 2017: Gratitude. Ps 116:12. What shall we give to God for all His many benefits? We can never pay God back. Even as we try, He is continually giving to us. Every time we say thank you; there comes another blessing. Salvation is free but we have to take it. When we make a vow to God, we need to keep our word. The main things we can give to God are thanksgiving and praise. He deserves our praise; praise and thank Him every day.

Sep 10, 2017: Rev. Brandon McElhaney. Joshua 1:1-7. It’s Your Turn Now. God is very specific in His assignment and blessings. God will always prepare you for what is coming your way. Get over what you have been through. Be ready. It’s your turn now. We are all called to something. Arise and go forth. God has already given it to you, but He is waiting for you to get in place. With our turn comes responsibility.

Sep 3, 2017: Wise vs Foolish. Matthew 25:1-2. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. The foolish believe there is no God. Seek wisdom, James 1:5. Jesus is coming back- keep watching, be ready, be willing and wait until He comes. Get all the Holy Spirit you can. Allow God’s Spirit to lead you. You cannot rely on the oil/Spirit of others. Be wise and God will take care of you. Choose to be wise.

Aug 27, 2017:
Double Coverage. Ps 23(6). The double coverage in health insurance and sports do not compare to the double coverage of goodness and mercy. Goodness and mercy will take care of us through all our troubles and trials. Goodness and mercy will protect us and stand by us. When we pray for others, that gives us triple coverage. Jesus gave his life to protect us.

Aug 20, 2017:
A War Is Going On. Gen 3:15, Rev 12:7-10. Whatever God loves/hates, Satan hates/loves. Satan has power but God has all power. A war is going on and Satan is the captain.  Satan will try to destroy your job, family, church, community, life. God sent His only Son to free us from Satan. Be filled with the Holy Spirit and stay in prayer because we are in a war. Put on the whole armor of God. In the end, Satan is defeated and we win!

Aug 13, 2017:
Acts 6: 54-67. Will You Run or Will You Stick? Jesus preached a gospel that will save and help you live in this world.  We need to be able to take it when trouble comes. Even the disciples ran when Jesus was crucified. But John stuck and God allowed him to write the book of Revelations. No matter what happens, stick with Jesus.

Aug 6, 2017:
Ex 3:1-3. When a Man (or Woman) Finds God.  When you find God He will talk to you, lead you, and give you something to do. When you find God you become a new creature, old things pass away, all things become new.  Lay aside every weight and sin that so easily besets you.  Jesus died on the cross and rose again so that all can find Him.

July 30, 2017: Dr. C. Garrison. Jer 29:11; 2 Cor 5:9. Back to the Future That Pleases God. Remember your actions that had negative consequences and avoid those actions to change your future. God wants to give you a future filled with hope. Make this your motto: I will seek to please God. Before you do something ask: Will it please God.

July 23, 2017: Rev. O. Watts. Dead, Yet Alive. Col 3:1-3. Those dead to Christ focus on what they have. We focus our attention on who not what. Don’t be a walking dead.  Live differently after you come to Christ. Let the old man die and put on the new man. We are now dead in the world but alive in Christ.

July 16, 2017: Under New Management. Acts 9:10-16.  With salvation comes a new manager, Jesus. New management will improve your marriage, job, health. When Jesus is your manager he will straighten things out – if you let Him manage. When you try to manage things yourself, you will mess it up. Saul put his life under new management and became one of the greatest missionaries the world has ever known. Trust in and lean on your new manager, Jesus.

July 9, 2017: Minister E. Frazier. A Woman of Value, Ps 139:1,2,13,14. (Woman's Day Program) Women have many roles but what makes you valuable is how you connect with the Lord. We are fearfully and wonderfully made; you do not have to wait for others to make you feel valuable. Stay connected, (re)surrender to Him.

July 2, 2017: Do You Want to Get Well?; John 5.
You must want to get well and want to do what is necessary. Jesus is asking right now, do you want to get well?